Search engine optimization, or SEO, has changed drastically since I first began working in the online marketing world back in 2005. There was a time where all you had to do was put some keywords on your page, build some links, and you’d be seeing quick results. With all the advancements in technology and innovations like machine learning and other technologies, SEO has become a completely different ball game. Google in particular has changed the game with sophisticated changes to its search engine. Businesses can no longer compete unless they are creating superior websites and content and delivering a great user experience for site visitors. To truly “optimize” your site or business for search engines you need to consider all marketing channels with an integrated marketing approach.

SEO = Integrated Marketing

Being “search engine optimized” means creating consistent messaging and content across all marketing channels. For example, there are things in email marketing that affect SEO indirectly and things about social media that affect SEO both directly and indirectly. Your content must be earning links, and you need to be thinking about your customer service and reputation management as well. All these things all works together to create an optimized marketing program that performs well across channels and in turn performs well in the search engines.

Let me craft an integrated marketing plan for you that will “optimize” your website for search and maximize conversions across channels.